Written by: Kat Gal  Are you looking for a healthy, chocolaty and satisfying drink with the necessary greens hidden inside? You’ve found it. Opposites attract, they say. It’s true. Kale and chocolate make the perfect couple, putting a smile on your face one sip at a time. This Kale Drink is my absolute favorite post-workout drink. It works as a filling breakfast on the go and even as a light, yet satisfying lunch. The proof is in the pudding (or the smoothie, in this case), so try it for yourself. Soon this Kale Drink will be one of your regular, to-go smoothies.Read More →

Fatigue? Weight Gain? Thinning Hair? You Could Have Hashimoto’s & Need to Start Doing This Hashimoto’s is a form of chronic inflammation that can damage the thyroid, inhibiting its ability to produce hormones. Roughly 90% of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) begins with Hashimoto’s.Read More →

How To Use Our Products – Sunrise To Sunset So, you’ve received your brand new delicious Organifi juice products – how exciting!! But now the question is – how do you use them? Luck for you, we have designed a Sunrise to Sunset regimen for our juice products that’s super easy to follow and also utilizes each individual product at its best potential.Read More →

   Naturally Healthy Organifi Reviews shared a link. Raise Your Testosterone Levels With These Superfoods Written by: Kat Gal When I say testosterone, men and sex may be the first things that come to your mind. Testosterone is actually present in females as…  Read More →