With all the chemical-ridden skincare products on the market – many of which likely do more harm to your health than good in the long run – it can be difficult finding natural solutions that fulfill your beauty routine needs and also help not only maintain your health, but also boost it. That’s where reishi mushrooms come in. Also known as the “mushroom of immortality,” the reishi mushroom provides a plethora of benefits that not only help boost your health on the inside, but also help enhance your health on the outside. When it comes specifically to your skin, reishi mushrooms can seriously help doRead More →

Written by: Kat Gal Do you want to lose weight AND get your health back? Juicing is the key to your success, my friend. Green juices are fantastic for so many reasons. Green juices…  Are high in nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Can help you lose and maintain weight. Cleanse and detoxify your system like a superstar. Are low in calories. Are low in fat. Unlike fruit juices, are low in GI and keep your blood sugar stable. Can improve your energy. Can better your digestion. Can give you a glowing skin. Can improve your overall health. How To Enhance Your Weight Loss GoalsRead More →

KEEPING THE COLON CLEAR OF PARASITES I know this may seem gross, but the reality is… there’s a chance parasites or yeast overgrowth may be causing your digestive issues. Just hear me out! When your digestive bacteria falls out of balance, it can be from a number of reasons, such as pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and pesticides, stress and contact with infected sources, including other humans and animals. Like yeast overgrowth, parasite infections run rampant in today’s world. Unfortunately, yeast overgrowth is often a sign that there is a problem that is much larger in your body. All of these stem from your immune system, 70-80%Read More →

Written by: Kat Gal Do you feel overwhelmed with your day to day tasks? Have you lost enthusiasm and energy for your hobbies, interests, favorite activities and people close to you? Do you have trouble sleeping or sleeping to much? Are you experiencing sadness, anger and anxiety? You may be dealing with depression. You are not alone. 350 million people worldwide and 16 million people in the U.S. are experiencing depression. Numbers are growing. Women are twice as likely to suffer from the disease than men. It is the most common mental health reason for disability. The Gut And Mood Connection But did you knowRead More →

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Many people run from pain and try to cover up symptoms using pharmaceutical drugs and pain relievers, but they don’t focus on the root of what is causing them grief in the first place. Similar to how you feel pain when you touch a hot stove and instinctively jerk your hand away, when you feel pain in the body, it is a signal created with the intention of motivating you to change something in your life. When you simply cover up the pain, the root problem persists and may cause more serious healthRead More →

Are you ready for a treat? Sometimes, you just need something sweet and creamy to satisfy those taste buds of yours. Luckily we have a recipe that will do just that for you! This recipe is swirling with a delicious creaminess that’s flowing with ingredients that won’t leave you feeling guilty after enjoying this dessert-like smoothie (that means you can enjoy this tasty delight whenever you’d like!). The blueberries fuel this recipe with antioxidants, while the banana gives you a well-needed boost of potassium. The pineapple offers digestive support. Coconut adds a great number of nutrients, such as electrolytes, which give this recipe a refreshing spark. The vanilla undertonesRead More →

Written by: Sara Wylie The decisions you make in the morning help influence the rest of your entire day. It’s true. The way you start your day sets the tone for your mood, the sort of decisions you’ll make throughout the day (especially in regards to health) and how satisfied you’ll feel by the time you’re going to bed. Sure, your day can improve even if you have a crappy morning, but why settle for a crappy start when you can have an energized, nourished, motivated start? 5-DAY GREEN JUICE & SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE…Read More →

Green smoothies are a smart and delicious way to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals, up your fiber and protein intake and to add more greens, veggies and fruits to your life. Smoothies are fantastic for breakfast, snacks, post-workout and in some cases, as a meal replacement. How To Make A Smoothie – Try Our Smoothie-Making Secrets….Read More →

Written by: Jenna Barrington Have you thought about trying a vegan diet, but aren’t sure where to start? Or are you a committed vegan looking for a good reset/detox regimen? Look no further! We’ve compiled some fabulous recipes and an easy-to-follow schedule to get your body on track for success! 3 DAY SUGAR DETOX (VEGAN) Here is a three-day vegan meal plan that is formulated specifically to help you detox from sugar, cleanse your system, lose weight and improve your overall health: Read More →

Written by: Kat Gal  Are you looking for a healthy, chocolaty and satisfying drink with the necessary greens hidden inside? You’ve found it. Opposites attract, they say. It’s true. Kale and chocolate make the perfect couple, putting a smile on your face one sip at a time. This Kale Drink is my absolute favorite post-workout drink. It works as a filling breakfast on the go and even as a light, yet satisfying lunch. The proof is in the pudding (or the smoothie, in this case), so try it for yourself. Soon this Kale Drink will be one of your regular, to-go smoothies.Read More →

Fatigue? Weight Gain? Thinning Hair? You Could Have Hashimoto’s & Need to Start Doing This Hashimoto’s is a form of chronic inflammation that can damage the thyroid, inhibiting its ability to produce hormones. Roughly 90% of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) begins with Hashimoto’s.Read More →