A lot of people hear the words “green juice” and have a vivid vision of drinking spinach and doing shots of wheatgrass. That’s a vision that may induce some to pretend-choke and feel no pleasure at all. Hey, green juice is definitely not a green M&M. Not everyone is naturally inclined to like greens in juice form -or any form- so if that sounds like you (or someone you know, love and are trying to help eat better) then we have your back: Green Juice doesn’t have to taste like spinach – even if it has spinach in it. In this post we’ll talk about: HowRead More →

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese. If you aren’t actively taking control of your health by exercising and eating a balanced diet full of whole foods, weight gain can and probably will creep up on you at some point or another. In addition to diet and exercise, many other habits you keep can have an impact on weight gain. Here are seven scientific reasons why you gain weight: 1. You Work The Night Shift Your body is programmed to eat during the day and sleep at night. Working the night shift can lead toRead More →

  When you think about a cleanse, you probably think: “Great… it’s going to be all juice… no food. I’ll be starving… but it’s totally worth it…?” Cleansing your body on a regular basis *is totally worth it, BUT… you can do it with real food. Today I’m sharing a whole foods cleanse that I like to do pretty much once a week. This is especially great during any holiday season or bikini season… or if you live here in San Diego, it’s called Monday. How To Do An Easy Whole Foods Cleanse Before Breakfast A good start begins in the morning; the choices you make whenRead More →

Written by: Kat Gal Do you want to lose weight AND get your health back? Juicing is the key to your success, my friend. Green juices are fantastic for so many reasons. Green juices…  Are high in nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Can help you lose and maintain weight. Cleanse and detoxify your system like a superstar. Are low in calories. Are low in fat. Unlike fruit juices, are low in GI and keep your blood sugar stable. Can improve your energy. Can better your digestion. Can give you a glowing skin. Can improve your overall health. How To Enhance Your Weight Loss GoalsRead More →

Written by: Sara Wylie The decisions you make in the morning help influence the rest of your entire day. It’s true. The way you start your day sets the tone for your mood, the sort of decisions you’ll make throughout the day (especially in regards to health) and how satisfied you’ll feel by the time you’re going to bed. Sure, your day can improve even if you have a crappy morning, but why settle for a crappy start when you can have an energized, nourished, motivated start? 5-DAY GREEN JUICE & SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE…Read More →